Thursday, January 22, 2009


As man goes out and discovers new things or ideas in nature, new technologies that seem to give us more convenience and ease of hardships develop. In this conquest to discover and conquer nature, however, man has himself become the patient and is himself being conquered. With every new discovery and with every new piece of technology, man makes himself more and more dependent on the things of this world.

I do want to be careful, however. As it is definitely not a bad thing to find and use resources that God has given to us. It just cannot be a necessity to the point that we cannot function without this new techonology.

Upon reading the Abolition of Man, I started to think about how the more in nature we discover, the less mysterious and awesome it seems. The more we learn about stars the less it seems like they are a beautiful ball of awesomeness. And, whenever some miracle in medicine happens, that is attributed to God. But, whenever we discover something in the human body that can account for the miracle in medicine, the mystery of God seems to be less amazing. It's as if the power of God gets smaller with every new discovery. Viewing the world with this dichotomy is very dangerous. It is not until we realize that God is in the known and the unknown that we can get a glimpse of the awesomeness of God. We cannot simply just accredit things we do not know yet to God and things that we do know to science. God made it all and has power over it all.

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