Monday, January 12, 2009


Lewis is quick to distinguish between learning and education. Learning serves as the means to an end at vocation. You learn so that you are able to perform a job and make a living. Education on the other hand is gaining knowledge for the pursuit of truth. It is a priviledge to have an education. There is no other time in our lives except for our youth that we have this priviledge. There is no pressure to hold a full time job, pay the bills, or worry about taxes. We have the task of gaining knowledge for the sake of pursuing the truth; and that, is a gift from God.

You will get as much out of this as you would like to put into it. If you would rather just go about your daily tasks and learn what the professors tell you to learn, then you will do well in the work place. However, if you go above and beyond by learning material that is not required of you, then you will know that much more truth which is a blessing. Because, the more truth that we know, the more we know about God. After all, God is truth.

This article fits in nicely with what seems to be C.S. Lewis's chief goal in life: find absolute truth. We are to be in constant search of Truth. God is glorified when the truth is revealed. The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Therefore, since truth brings glory to God, we need to be in constant search of Truth.

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